Question about Assets as reported vs account balance

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Thu Jan 6 18:53:18 EST 2011

Derek Atkins wrote:
> Jay Ridgley <jridgley2 at> writes:
>> Folks,
>> Can someone explain to me why the Account for assets shows about
>> $60,000 more that that shown on a Balance Report? As far as I can tell
>> the difference is unrealized gains, however, should that not show on
>> the Balance report and be included in the Asset total?
>> The Balance Report is not out of balance. Just the accounts...
>> Is there an account for Unrealized Gains???
> No, because Unrealized Gains don't actually exist.  They are due to
> changes in the price of an asset, but you still own the asset the gain
> is unrealized.  You only realize the gain when you actually sell the
> asset, and only then do you put the gain into your books.
>> Cheers,
>> Jay
> -derek

Can you explain, why in the Account as shown from the gnu-data file the amount 
is some 50,000.00 MORE than that shown on the Balance Sheet report? This is true 
even though I have run a Close transaction.

If I remember my Accounting 101 course correctly the two amounts SHOULD be 
equal. it is like taking some of the assets I posses and hide them from prying 
eyes, even though those eyes are MINE!

What am I missing here, why is the asset shown on the Balance report as the 
Basis value and NOT the Current value?



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