View/Edit Transaction Currency

Ken kmailuk at
Fri Jan 7 05:48:36 EST 2011

I wish it were possible to view and edit the currency of a transaction.

For example, attached is a simple sqlite file which contains a single
transaction (buy 100 sh of IBM at $100).  When I created the
transaction I accidentally created it in an account denominated in
GBP. I then moved the transaction to a USD account. However, the
transaction retained the GBP currency denomination (as seen in the
transactions table of the file) even though what I wanted was a
USD/IBM transaction.  Hence, the application needs to make use of a
USD/GBP exchange rate and also caused me some confusion.

It would be easier (and avoid confusion) if I could see in the
register the currency of the transaction and edit it where necessary.
Would this be of use to others?  Would it be easy to implement?

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