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> On Jan 8, 2011, at 9:10 AM, Chris Harris wrote:
> > I seem to have an issue with the opening balance in a
> checking account
> > when I choose reconcile.
> > 
> > All transactions for the month and prior month are
> reconciled.  They
> > show a Y in the R column in the ledger.  The
> balance for the beginning
> > of the month is correct in the ledger.  When I
> choose reconcile, the
> > beginning balance is off by 13,176.94.  Other
> discussions I have seen
> > on this topic try to correct this by entering an
> offsetting
> > transaction, but as I said, my balance is correct in
> the ledger.  Any
> > suggestions on how I can correct this?
> > 
> > Using Ubuntu 10.10 and the Standard Ubuntu
> distribution of gnucash v  2.2.9.
> The starting balance is the ending balance the last time
> you reconciled. You can calculate it by looking at the last
> reconciled transaction: Note the balance and the date. Look
> in the reconcile window for any transactions that show up
> before that date and adjust the balance by those
> transactions, subbtracting unreconciled income and adding
> unreconciled expenses.

I would advise differently. I would note that the starting balance in the Reconcile window is calculated from the data, and recommend first trying to reconcile the account *without* entering any special transactions. 

It can happen that a transaction that was reconciled previously gets de-reconciled at a later date. If these dereconciled transactions are subsequently re-reconciled, then the problem can simply go away. I would try that before adding extra transactions to the ledger.


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