Increasing mutual fund "Fraction Traded" seems non-functional

Jeff Kletsky gnucash at
Mon Jan 10 01:47:38 EST 2011

It looks like "Use Commodity Fraction" for the account doesn't / didn't 
track the changing commodity fraction (for the commodity). The solution 
was to change both the commodity, as well as the account. Then, as 
Kenyon points out, "entering" every transaction to update things.

On 01/09/2011 09:39 PM, Kenyon Ralph wrote:
> On 2011-01-09T21:20:55-0800, Jeff Kletsky<gnucash at>  wrote:
>> I am working through some mutual fund transactions and, under 2.4.0,
>> XML backend, it seems as though it isn't possible to increase the
>> precision to match that of the statements, once it is established.
>> * Enter data (from OFX) into mutual funds created with the "generic"
>> four-digit precision
>> * Note that the required precision is six digits
>> * Use the Tools>  Security Editor to change the "Fraction Traded" to
>> 1/1000000 (six digits)
>> * Go to the account and note that things are still getting rounded
>> to four digits
>> * Close GNUCash and reopen
>> * Go to the account and note that things are still getting rounded
>> to four digits
>> * Confirm that the Security Editor indicates six digits
>> It's been a long day of lots of little numbers. Anything I'm missing
>> with GNUCash?
> I think I also experienced this behavior. I think to work around it I
> pressed Enter on each of the existing transactions, starting from the
> first. I guess that forces GnuCash to reevaluate each transaction with
> the current precision setting, and for some reason existing
> transactions affect future transactions. Or maybe all of the
> transactions just have to have the same precision.
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