AW: sql query to link invoice payments to invoice id?

Jannick Asmus at
Mon Jan 10 08:15:17 EST 2011

Derek Atkins wrote:

>> I am trying to identify the invoice payments TOGETHER with the
>> associated invoice in the sqlite file of my GnuCash file. Since
>> there is a window to process the payment, I suspect there should be
>> a link between the payment and the invoice guid.

> The way they are mapped is via the LOT in the A/R account.  When you
> post an invoice is "creates" a lot, and then payments are applied to
> that lot until the balance reaches 0 (at which point any remaining
> proceeds get applied to the next lot owned by the same customer).

Aah, that explains a lot. I will see how I can manage to get things 
straight out of the sqlite file.

> So, the mapping would be via the lot's in the splits in the A/R
> account for the payment transaction.  Note that you could have
> multiple splits in the A/R account in the case of a payment being
> applied to multiple invoices.

This seems to be a problem at the moment. I will think how I can handle 

Thanks for your input!


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