stock price broken

brad bradhaack at
Mon Jan 10 20:12:52 EST 2011

On Mon, 2011-01-10 at 10:24 -0500, Derek Atkins wrote:
> brad <bradhaack at> writes:
> > Tried this again and same answer.  Like I said last week, I reverted to
> > 2.2.9 and an older file and recovered.  
> >
> > Today, I removed gnucash and gnucash-common using synaptic package
> > manager.  I followed the wiki build instructions explicitly and built
> > the latest unstable release.  (John, no I didn't use the -rpath arg,
> > didn't think I needed it since I removed the old version, and wasn't
> > sure which cmd (configure or make) it was supposed to go w).  Started it
> > up and see the same problem.   
> >
> > Next I installed the stable version, 2.4.0 from  Same thing.
> >
> > To reiterate:
> >
> > Transactions that were OK are now unbalanced 
> > Example, from transaction register showing split
> > 1st split line, stockAcct  shares=10 Price=1 buy=10
> > 2nd line:       fundingAcct sell=100
> > 3rd line: nothing in the Account field,  price=1, Buy=90
> Yes, this is an imbalanced transaction.  In the 1st split you're saying
> that you're buying 10 shares for $1 each (for a total buy-in of $10),
> but in the 2nd split you're saying that you're funding the account with
> $100.  So yes, you absolutely have an imbalance of $90.
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> > You can do this by using Reply-To-List or Reply-All.
> -derek
Derek,  This email was part of a longer thread that got snipped. Yes I
know it's imbalanced.  The point is that it wasn't imbalanced before I
upgraded and the imbalances (not just this one) just magically showed up
when I upgraded.  Also the price cannot be edited.  I'll see if I can
create a simple example file and file a bug report.

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