windows/sqlite3 issue

Derek Atkins derek at
Tue Jan 11 22:11:50 EST 2011


On Sun, January 9, 2011 5:14 pm, Aaron Wiebe wrote:
> Short version:
> Attempting to open an sqlite3 database I was previously using gives
> the error "Can't parse the URL
> file://C:\Users\epiphani\.gnucash\books\2010-home.gnucash."
> Long version:
> I had to reinstall due to melting a MB, and I copied the data files
> forward and reinstalled gnucash 2.4.0.  I cannot seem to open either
> the current sqlite database I created, or the old one.  Both provide
> that error.
> Any thoughts?  Please cc me in reply since I'm not subscribed to this
> list.

You don't say what OS/Distro you are using, but it's possible that you
neglected to install the appropriate libdbi DB Drivers?  In particular,
maybe you're missing the sqlite dbd?

> -Aaron

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