windows/sqlite3 issue

Frank H. Ellenberger f.ellenberger at
Thu Jan 13 07:23:29 EST 2011


Can you comment on ?


Am Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011 um 09:57:08 schrieb Geert Janssens:
> When you Install/Update GnuCash, nothing is overwritten anywhere. The
> problem occurs while running GnuCash.
> And even then it won't overwrite your date file, unless you choose to put
> your data file in the one spot that gnucash reserves for it's internal
> housekeeping. This location is /home/<user>/.gnucash on linux and is a
> hidden directory there. So on linux and friends it very rarely happens a
> user would choose that directory to store a data file.
> On windows I believe this directory is c:\Documents and
> Settings\<user>\Application Data\.gnucash
> Again a location you wouldn't come up with yourself to store your data
> file. I am intrigued why people then still occasionally use that location.
> I do suspect (but haven't verified) that this path is suggested by default
> when a user uses GnuCash for the very first time to save a data file. If
> so, then that's something we should definitely fix.
> > 2. Should upgrade script firmly remind someone to save / backup to
> > removable media before proceeding?
> It could, because having a backup of your data is always a good idea. It
> would not solve the current problem though as it is totally unrelated to
> Installing or Upgrading.
> > 3. Should a *new* install suggest a default place to save data so those
> > who just save to /home/me/somewhere find their data in /home/me/gnucash
> > and those who wish to make a different choice are free to do so?
> That indeed would make more sense. If the problem is indeed as I suggest,
> this would already reduce the risk quite a bit.
> Another thing that would help is if GnuCash would use a unique extension
> for its metadata files. Currently for each datafile you have, there's an
> equivalent metadata file in .gnucash/books/ with exactly the same name in
> some circumstances. This is why your data file will get overwritten if you
> choose to save it in that directory, the metadata is only written when
> GnuCash closes (so *after* you have saved your book) and into
> .gnucash/books. If you chose to save your data file in there, the meta data
> overwrites it since the metadata file can use the exact same name. This
> would be fixed if we chose to add a different extension to the metadata
> file, like .gcm (for GnuCash Metadata).
> Geert

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