[GC 2.4.0] sqlite and tax issues

Jannick Asmus jannick.news at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 03:10:05 EST 2011


using GC 2.4.0 (German version) on WinVista, here a collection of 
observation/issues of the last days:

1. sqlite:
- export doesn't like any blanks in path name
- export adds extension ".gnucash", shouldn't it be ".sqlite" for 
processing with sql program without changing the name?
- tax report information is contained in sqlite file (in table slots, 
look for entries containing "tax" in column "name"), so bug 
https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=627393 closed

2. window to assign tax codes (in menu EDIT > last entry):

I am using the additional files downloaded from 
http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.gnome.apps.gnucash.german/7544) to 
replace 3 updated (sic!) tax_de files in the GC installation folder. 
Thanks to  Franz Stoll! In my understanding these files provide an 
urgently needed update in information such that the issues still remain 
without the replacement I suspect.

- Having marked an account A1 in, say, the expense account tree of 
subaccount Marking another subaccount of A with [SHIFT] or [Cntr] 
collapses the expense account tree. That makes it impossible to 
select/mark more than one account to assign a tax code. A tedious task!
- The warning prompted when changing the type of tax report that tax 
codes need to be manually changed is unclear to me (of course the 
warning text is prompted to me in German, so does the English version 
makes more sense?).
- The tax report (created with taxtf-de_DE.scm) does not show the tax 
codes assigned to accounts. Could this be added?

Give a shout if you any more information.


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