Invoice Numbers - Unique?

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Sun Jan 16 14:25:02 EST 2011

At Sun, 16 Jan 2011 13:56:34 -0500 "Brian C. Huffman" <bhuffman at> wrote:

> All,
> It seems to me that invoice numbers ought to be unique.  But I see that 
> even for the same company, new invoice numbers are overlapping on 
> already posted/paid invoices.
>  From my customer's perspective, I'd think they'd want to have a unique 
> invoice number for their payment systems for each invoice.
> What do others think?

Are you manually entering invoice numbers or letting GnuCash generate
them? GnuCash generates unique invoice numbers -- it has its own
internal counter.  AFAIK, there isn't a interface to set this number
and it starts with 1 by default (one *can* manually edit the XML file
to change the number to something else, such as a large integer like
10000).  If you manually enter a number, GnuCash makes no attempt to
insure it is unique and does not update its internal counter in any

> Thanks,
> Brian
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