Correctly Entering Stock Transaction

P. Croque dingo at
Mon Jan 17 13:04:25 EST 2011

Thanks Mike. I tried it and it seems to be the best solution. 

BTW that 'use trading accounts' option is awesome! For the first time in
years my balance sheet actually balances.


On Mon, 17 Jan 2011 00:37 -0500, "Mike Alexander" <mta at> wrote:
> --On January 16, 2011 10:32:38 AM -0800 "P. Croque" 
> <dingo at> wrote:
> > How should I be dealing with this? Create a separate transaction for
> > the commission? Create a separate 'Expenses:Brokerage Fees (USD)'
> > account denominated in USD? I would have to do that for almost all of
> > my expense accounts because I often buy things on trips to the US
> > with US cash.
> That's what I do (create a separate Expenses or Income subaccount for 
> each currency).  Then I only do multiple currency transactions when I 
> actually convert something from one currency to another.  This seems to 
> work ok for me.
>          Mike

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