Transferring info to new computer

Emil ehspayne at
Thu Jan 20 01:46:20 EST 2011

> Hi,
> On Thu, January 20, 2011 1:09 am, Emil wrote:
>> I set up and ran Gnucash for a few months on my old Ubuntu 10.04
>> machine.  I got a new computer and put Ubuntu 10.10 on it.  I am trying
>> to transfer all the info over to the new machine but can't figure out
>> how to.  As a minimum I'd like to transfer the chart of accounts and the
>> budget.  I transferred over the default directory I set up
>> (/home/user/Documents/Finance/Gnucash) and I also placed the old
>> .gnucash folder in my home/user folder.  I can't figure out a way to
>> export from the one program and import to the other one.  Am I missing
>> something simple or is it more complicated?
> You must be missing something.  Once you copy the data file (wherever you
> put it), all you need to do is File ->  Open on the new system to get it to
> read it in.  Did you do that?
> Copying your ~/.gnucash directory should help restore any open reports.
> -derek
Duh!  Way too simple.  I was trying to import when all I needed to do 
was open.


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