Reconciliation question

MacDougall, Alexander amacdougall at
Fri Jan 21 10:03:15 EST 2011

I have just set up GnuCash and I'm not terribly familiar with the world
of accounting - however it does seem to be pretty easy with GnuCash.


I am really just tracking the transactions of a chequing account and
started with Aug 1.  I now have several bank statements that I'd like to
reconcile.  However, when I start the process the reconciliation
"wizard" indicates Opening Balance: $0.00 and thus my closing balance is


When I set up the system, I entered the July 31/Aug 1 bank balance as
the Account opening blanace.


Advice is appreciated.


Thank you,





Alexander (Sandy) MacDougall

Leader, Technology Integration

Halifax Regional School Board

902-464-2000 ext 2622

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