Upload problem to mysql database

Erwin Winkel erwin.winkel at planet.nl
Fri Jan 21 14:02:03 EST 2011

Hello list,
I use GC 2.4.0 and would like to use a mysql database to store the data. I
have uploaded the existing data succesfuly once. However, when I try to
upload a new version of this data, the upload fails with an error message.
First there is a question if the existing data should be overwritten and
this is confirmed the error message pops up stating that there is bad or
unreadable data.
This is hardly to believe because in the xml-structure everything works
I tried this both with compressed and uncompressed xml settings.

Has someone experienced this as well? What is going wrong here?

Any help is appreciated,
Kind regards,

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana!"

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