Upload problem to mysql database

Erwin Winkel erwin.winkel at planet.nl
Fri Jan 21 16:39:03 EST 2011

thank you for your reply. Inspired by your answer I decided to test the
procedure manually. So, manually I executed the DROP TABLE command for all
tables. After that the database had 0 tables, so that went ok ;-)

Then the import of the GnuCash data. After a while I got the same message
that data could not be read. However, when I checked the mysql database I
saw to my surprise that all the tables were created. When this was true for
the tables then what about the data?
Surprise, surprise, also the data was uploaded.... Strange. I checked the
endfigures from the xml file with the endfigures of the mysql file and they
match so I assume that it has gone alright.

It seems as if the upload works, but for some reason the error message is
fired. On the other hand, how can one be sure that everything has been
uploaded? Checking hundreds of records manually is not an appealing job....

So, for the time being I think it works, although the error message is a


2011/1/21 John Ralls <jralls at ceridwen.us>

> On Jan 21, 2011, at 11:02 AM, Erwin Winkel wrote:
> > Hello list,
> > I use GC 2.4.0 and would like to use a mysql database to store the data.
> I
> > have uploaded the existing data succesfuly once. However, when I try to
> > upload a new version of this data, the upload fails with an error
> message.
> > First there is a question if the existing data should be overwritten and
> > when
> > this is confirmed the error message pops up stating that there is bad or
> > unreadable data.
> > This is hardly to believe because in the xml-structure everything works
> > fine.
> > I tried this both with compressed and uncompressed xml settings.
> >
> > Has someone experienced this as well? What is going wrong here?
> >
> It sounds like you're trying to use an XML file as  your primary storage
> and to periodically run File>Save As to save it to a MySql database. That's
> unlikely to work unless you have set up your user account in MySql to have
> DROP TABLE permissions. The same would be true of Postgres. SQLite doesn't
> have such security features, and it's writing a local file anyway, so it
> should work.
> In any case, it's not the intended use of the sql backend, which is that
> you will convert your XML file to a SQL database and then use the database
> with Gnucash. Saving to XML periodically will work, because the XML file is
> always rewritten anyway and because you have write authority in your local
> directory. You won't have the automatic backups (you'll have to rename your
> old XML files yourself outside of Gnucash... or use a different file name
> every time). It's probably better, though, to use MySql's backup facilities.
> Regards,
> John Ralls

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