Two Double Entry Accounting Questions..

Mark Phillips mark at
Thu Jan 27 22:12:57 EST 2011

My first college accounting class was in the 70s....the last was in the has been too long!

I am setting up my accounts for gnucash for a 501c3 (non-profit) US
corporation for a couple of club softball teams. Think small....just a
savings account and a checking account. All donations are cash/check, no
salaries (all volunteer coaches), all contributions used for the girls -
tournament fees, field rental, equipment, uniforms, etc. Just cash in
(donations) and cash out - expenses.

1. I have to keep track of how much each parent donates - if more than
$1,000 then I have to send them a 1099 at the end of the year. Less than
$1,000 and their canceled checks are proof of donation. To take in a
donation, I deposit the money in the checking account and offset that
deposit to an income account for that person. At the end of the year, I look
at everyone's income account and can see who needs a 1099. Sound good?

2. This one is trickier. We have a batting coach who comes once a week and
charges a flat fee/team - $150. Teams average in size with 10-12 players.
So, I charge each player $15 for 2 hours of batting instruction or about 100
cuts/girl. Not all players show up every time - the average is 10. I want to
set up an account for each team to keep track of how much extra they have
paid in for batting, and if less than 10 players show up one time, deduct
the $15/missing player from that account. If the account ever reaches $150,
then they get a free night of batting. How do I enter the transaction? Based
on # 1 above, I deposit $15 in the checking account and offset that with $15
to the income account for that person. Any money I collect is a donation.
Say I do that 11 times for a total deposit of $165. I then write a check for
$150, and offset that against ....what...Batting expenses for the team? and
what about the extra $15 that was paid in this week, and the missing $15
next week because only 9 could make the practice?

Thanks for any clarification you can provide!


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