Entering stock spinoffs in stock accounts in gnucash

ajay trivedi aitrivra at msn.com
Fri Jan 28 04:05:07 EST 2011


I am based in India, and hold 200 shares of XYZ Ltd. acquired at face value of 10 / share.
XYZ spins off 4 companies A, B, C, D in the following manner, leaving the original shareholding in XYZ intact at 200 @ 10/share.
A: 50 shares of 10 each, 
B: 50 shares of 10 each, 
C: 50 shares of 05 each, 
D: 50 shares of 05 each, 
which I receive without any payment or action from my side.

What are the gnucash entries I need to make in the XYZ account, and in the A,B,C,D accounts?The market price of XYZ at time of demerger was 300. Does this matter?

I have found a reference "Money: How to handle stock mergers or spin-offs in Money" at
accordingly I calculate the basis as 
XYZ original 200x10 = 2000, reducing to 2000 x 200/350 after spin-offs
The 350 is because of 50+50+(50+50)/2 on account of different face values.
A, B : 2000 x 50/350, C,D: 2000 x 25/350 (again reduced face values for C & D).

I believe my entries in XYZ would be 
(stock split druid)> 50 shares of A : balance 250 
sell 50 shares of A, for total consideration 2000/7 sold to account A
and so on for B, C, D

Is this correct? any expert input would be most welcome.


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