File storage question...should be easy fix

Steven Graham gatorsteven586 at
Mon Jan 31 21:58:49 EST 2011

Hi all,

   I'm working off a new laptop and Windows 7.  I'm unfamiliar with Windows
7, GNUCash, and Gnome for that matter.  I installed GNUCash, and let it do
its thing.  It installed under program files and everything loads and works
fine.  I'm getting into a bit of a mess however, in terms of where my data
is being stored.  Under my User Account "Steve", several folders are
automatically generated everytime I use GNUCash and it clutters up my
"Steve" folder.  I specifically created a new folder "GNUCash" within
"Steve" to which I saved my .gnucash financial data file to.  I move/delete
the folders from my "Steve" folder to "GNUCash", but they continue to
reappear everytime I use the program.  Most of them have no data contained
within them, and seem to be just taking up space.  The folders are named as

Is there a way to redirect where these folders live?  Its a bit of an
eye-sore under my main account folder.
Thanks for any help you can provide!!

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