Import stock price history from QIF?

prl prl at
Sun Sep 4 02:56:33 EDT 2011

The QIF export of my accounts from Quicken for Mac 2005 contains stock 
prices, in tables like this:


My import of the QIF into Gnucash didn't import the stock prices. A bit 
disappointing. I've had a trawl through the gnucash-user and 
gnucash-devel archives, and only turned up two mentions of importing 
stock price histories into Gnucash. The earlier, from 2003 
got a reply that said no. The later, from Feb 2010 
doesn't seem to have been replied to. There doesn't seem to be anything 
about this in the FAQ, in the GnuCash Wishlist or in the GnuCash Bugzilla.

Is there any reasonable way that this can be done?


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