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> On 2012-11-05 20:52, Peter Legge wrote:
>> Dear Gnu
>> My daughter has a MAC and I have a WINDOWS OS. To help her setup her
>> accounts, I have downloaded GNU to my Windows notebook and set up
>> accounts for her. We saved the files to flash drive but when trying to
>> load onto MAC (after downloading MAC Gnu Cash) the reading process was
>> refused.
>> QUESTION PLEASE: Is it possible to run GNU files saved on Windows on a
>> MAC computer? If so what should we do to make this happen please?
>> Thank you for an accounts package that we are trying to understand and
>> use. (We downloaded bank statements using OFX successfully)

Could you provide more detail about "the reading process was refused", like exactly what error message was displayed?

Also, please tell us what versions of GnuCash you're using on each system, and if you got them from our website or somewhere else.

John Ralls

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