Autofill for entering assets names: broken ?

David Carlson carlson.dl at
Sun Nov 11 17:43:45 EST 2012

On 11/7/2012 6:31 PM, Eric Dedieu wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using gnucash 2.4.11, with a 3-level account hierarchy. The first
> level uses for brevity a single letter, A: for Assets, E: for
> Expenses. I name sub-accounts with different first letters, so using
> only the keyboard I can enter an account name, for example typing
> "E:L:M" is enough for "E:Leisure:Mountain", or "A:F:C" for
> "A:FirstBank:Children". Autofilling makes it easy.
> This was working very well, until I started to keep tracks for 2
> persons, using A: and E: for the 1st, and AA: and EE: for the other.
> After a while, autofilling began to drift from the expected behaviour.
> Typically, things lke:
> A:Bar
> AA:Foo
> AA:Foo:Bar
> -> "A:" autofills to "AA:Foo" (caret after :) instead of A:Bar (caret after :)
> -> "A:F" autofills as far as "A:Foo:Bar" (caret after second :)
> instead of "A:Foo" (caret after :)
> When I use the mouse to open the dropdown asset list, I see that the
> order of lines is inconsistent, as if A: and AA: were compared as
> equal for sorting. I can have a dropdown list like:
> A
> A:Bar
> AA
> A:Coco
> A:Coco:Nut
> AA:Bar
> AA:Other
> A:Foo
> A:Other
> AA:What
> In this list, extracting a same prefix (A: or AA:) the sort order is
> ok, but prefixes seem interleaved randomly.
> I can't guess why autofilling would also go "too far", i.e., typing a
> ":" would fill two levels (second example above).
> This broke little by little. At first there were just some failures,
> now the keyboard has become unusable and I have to use the mouse, drop
> down and click. It  may be renaming/moving/adding/deleting accounts
> that broke it step by step, I did refactor the account hierarchy
> extensively. I didn't use much the dropdown list when the keyboard was
> enough, so I didn't notice when it got messed up.
> I wonder if the dropdown order is stored somewhere and not simply
> dynamically computed? then how could I erase it to be rebuilt cleanly?
> If nobody was hurt by that problem yet, it may be specific to repeated
> letters as account names? Using A1 and A2 would not be so easy to type
> in, but may be worth trying...
> Thanks for any hint,
> Eric
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I found this question in my spam folder.  It appears that no one has
answered it.  Did it go to everyones' spam folders?  I think that it is
an interesting question that deserves a good answer.   Is the use of
single character and dual character account names valid?  I think that
the colon is not allowed in an account name.  Is that true?  What if a
different separator character is chosen in the preferences?
 I want to find out if there is a bug in the account selection method.

David C
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