Autofill for entering assets names: broken ?

Eric Dedieu papa.eric at
Mon Nov 12 17:06:12 EST 2012

> It's not a question of the number of characters, but the fact that they
> start the same.
> ...
> I would recommend you instead use more fully qualified account names,
> and make sure one is not a fully contained prefix of another.  I.e.,
> don't use "Assets" and "Assets 2".  Instead, use "Assets 1" and "Assets
> 2".  In this case I *believe* you could do something like a -> 1 : ...
> (where -> is the right-arrow key).  I *think* this works, but haven't
> tested.

Yes it mostly works, thanks !

Making sure no account name is the prefix for another (at the same
level) fixes the drop down list order, and auto filling too -- but the
latter only after restartng GnuCash.

The right arrow does not work as you say, it just accepts the first
suggestion for the complete account name.

Investigating the 1st point: when changing the first item (I only
tested this) of an account name, auto-filling does not update. The
drop list is ok, but the auto-fill and account suggestion still follow
the old names. Closing and reopening the tab is not enough, I have to
restart the application. As if a cache was build at startup but never
updated when accounts are renamed.

Anyway, thanks for explaining how it works. For typing convenience I
would enjoy typing a and aa rather than a1 and a2, but I can live with


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