Multiple currencies causing account totalling problems

GCMAB nvgybsj8h7 at
Thu Nov 15 19:12:31 EST 2012

David Carlson wrote
> Do a search for  "Difference between total assets and liabilities"  in
> this list for more comments on this subject.

Thank for the tip but unfortunately none of the threads found seem to be
dealing with the same problem. I had already seen some of them but not all.
The recurring theme seems to be one of currency transaction losses and gains
but that is not the problem I have (maybe I didn't explain it well).

In the period I have had the books running I have transferred cash from on
currency to another once or twice but always in the same direction so there
shouldn't be any loss or gain caused by that. Expense transactions should be
fixed. If Gnucash uses the most recent exchange rate to do the totalling
rather than the exchange rate entered into the transaction I would think
it's a shortcoming but the differences would be small (and the threads which
came up in the search seemed to be talking about small differences).

Cross currency expenses account for a tiny proportion of my transactions and
the exchange rate has moved probably 10% at most in the period (it's close
to where it started now). This sort of thing may account for the difference
in my trial balance which shows a variance of less than 0.01%. The total of
my assets shows as about 7000 times what it should be.

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