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Erik Colson eco at
Fri Nov 16 02:16:48 EST 2012

Gill <gill at> writes:

> The work arounds also don't seem to work for me.  I get Permission denied on
> either of the work arounds.  Any help on that?
> Last login: Mon Nov 12 11:31:57 on ttys001
> gill:~ Gill$ cd ~/.cpan/build/SBECK-D3rp_k
> gill:SBECK-D3rp_k Gill$ rm -rf Date-Manip-6.36/PaxHeaders.11917
> rm: Date-Manip-6.36/PaxHeaders.11917/Build.PL: Permission denied
> rm: Date-Manip-6.36/PaxHeaders.11917/examples: Permission denied
> rm: Date-Manip-6.36/PaxHeaders.11917/HISTORY: Permission denied
> rm: Date-Manip-6.36/PaxHeaders.11917/INSTALL: Permission denied
> rm: Date-Manip-6.36/PaxHeaders.11917/internal: Permission denied
> rm: Date-Manip-6.36/PaxHeaders.11917/lib: Permission denied
> rm: Date-Manip-6.36/PaxHeaders.11917/LICENSE: Permission denied
> rm: Date-Manip-6.36/PaxHeaders.11917/Makefile.PL: Permission denied
> rm: Date-Manip-6.36/PaxHeaders.11917/MANIFEST: Permission denied
> rm: Date-Manip-6.36/PaxHeaders.11917/META.json: Permission denied
> rm: Date-Manip-6.36/PaxHeaders.11917/META.yml: Permission denied
> rm: Date-Manip-6.36/PaxHeaders.11917/README: Permission denied
> rm: Date-Manip-6.36/PaxHeaders.11917/README.first: Permission denied
> rm: Date-Manip-6.36/PaxHeaders.11917/t: Permission denied
> rm: Date-Manip-6.36/PaxHeaders.11917: Permission denied
> gill:SBECK-D3rp_k Gill$ cd
> gill:~ Gill$ cpan -i Date::Manip
> Going to read '/Users/Gill/.cpan/Metadata'
>   Database was generated on Tue, 13 Nov 2012 19:17:20 GMT
> Warning: You are not allowed to write into directory


I didn't check the work arounds for now.
But you could try the following:

any time you get

'> Warning: You are not allowed to write into directory'

type of messages, that means you should redo the last command preceding
it with 'sudo' and entering your admin password when prompted.

so in this case:

>sudo cpan -i Date::Manip

Sorry for taking long time to answer.. I'm pretty plenty of work for the


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