Finance Quote Install difficulties

Erik Colson eco at
Sat Nov 17 14:15:50 EST 2012

Lincoln A Baxter <lab at> writes:


>> Well, not all of the packages are pure perl, which is a big part of the problem. But IIRC perl dlopens modules binaries, so if 
>> I package them in Resources/lib, set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point there, put the modules somewhere, and add somewhere to @INC, it should be good, right?

AFAIK The non pure-perl packages required by Finance::Quote are already
installed with perl by MacOS and probably Windows too. Linux users
probably have no problem using package managers to install F::Q


>         3) Or, one can diddle @INC within a BEGIN block of the script
>         (which will execute before any mainline use statements are
>         executed, thus enabling the libraries to be found)
>                 BEGIN {
>                 	@INC = ( "/the/path/to/the/root/of/the/gnucash/perl/lib", @INC );
>                 }
> No doubt, there are other ways to do it... I linr #3 above best because
> it is entirely self contained within the script. 

I'd prefer the 'use lib' variant. This has the benefit that it
OS-indepent path with slashes is used. On Windows it will correctly
modify '/' to '\'. And no need to use BEGIN blocks which somehow results
in less maintainable code since there seem to be much perl devs which
don't really know what it does.


> The following module may help one to write a script that will quickly
> identify exactly which modules are used:

Which is cool ;)


> I don't pay the M$ tax... and I don't have a windows box with which to
> test this in windows land any more (my work windows box is too locked
> down now), but if I remember rightly, adding the path to the DLLs
> required to the windows PATH environment variable (again putting these
> at the front of the PATH variable), should get the process to to find
> any DLLs that are required.

And I do have a Windows XP system for testing purpose.. But please don't
ask me to start it for non-paid work ;) Well, at least not without
offering a beer ;)

> As I said above, I would try to go with a solution that is entirely
> contained within the perl world.  I might be convinced to help with this
> if someone provides me some pointers to how Finance::Quote gets executed
> by GnuCash.  

I'm not a GnuCash user nor developer, which means I don't keep the
Gnucash code on my machine. So I cannot help you here.
But keep yourself convinced in helping with this ;)

> I'm a perl module author:

Hi ! Nice to meet you in this mailing-list !


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