moving accounts non alphabetically in list

GCMAB nvgybsj8h7 at
Tue Nov 20 18:40:49 EST 2012

I believe that Ian's suggestion is the only way to do it, which means you
would either need a free field or a field you are already using which would
already give you the appropriate order.

So in your example if you gave AUTO and account code of 001, Furniture 002
and Current Assets 003 and then sort by account code you would get the
appropriate order. "Account Code" is not displayed as a column by default
but it is one of the columns available.

If you have already used all the fields which can be displayed as columns,
and none of them would result in the order you want, then I think the only
way would be to insert a code at the beginning of the "Notes" field which
has plenty of capacity, display "Notes" as a column and sort on that.

This assumes that "CURRENT ASSETS" is an account you have named yourself
rather than the default "Current Assets" which is the total of a group of
accounts. Whichever column you sort by, the accounts stay within their

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