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Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at
Tue Nov 20 21:49:00 EST 2012

GCMAB wrote:

>I believe that Ian's suggestion is the only way to do it, which means you
>would either need a free field or a field you are already using which would
>already give you the appropriate order.
Not the only way. You could get tricky and decide on a naming convention.

For example, if you can assume that you would never have more than 26 
accounts at a level of the tree adopt the convention that an account 
with name "accountname" will appear as x-accountname where "x" is some 
letter of the alphabet. Now by renaming the gnucash name of the account 
(that has this prefix) you can adjust the collating sequence regardless 
of the initial letter of the actual name*.

Another approach is to use a larger prefix that can serve multiple 
purposes (say a three to four digit number). Again, does not disrupt the 
readability of the account name and can be handy when presenting a 
financial report for questions (makes an account easier to find). Yes 
the separate account number field works for ordering purposes but if in 
the name instead can be used for visual finding (Hey, what can I say, I 
am treasurer of two (now three)  non-profits and on the finance 
committee of another)

BUT --- are you sure about your example? That would be a very strange 
order in standard accounting which would usually do it this way.

Current Assets
    Savings Account A
    Checking Account B
    Undeposited Cash
Fixed Assets

Your example didn't have a breaking down of current assets, I just stuck 
that in. But the point I am making is that there is a fundamental 
difference between assets that are liquid (ie: current assets) and those 
that are not. It isn't just marketability. For example, current assets 
aren't subject to depreciation but fixed assets might be.


* A standard trick in programming where in practice that prefix could be 
eliminated in the pre print editing.

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