Save button does not work with "restored" data xml file. gnucash-2.4.11-1.el6.x86_64

GCMAB nvgybsj8h7 at
Fri Nov 23 04:27:06 EST 2012

Jean-David Beyer-2 wrote
> If I open 
> that with Gnucash, it comes up just fine. But when I go to hit the Save 
> button, the button is grayed out. If I select File, Save is also grayed 
> out, but I can write if I use the Save AS button to a new file.

Just to rule out the obvious, you have made changes have you? Not just
opened it up to check there are no problems? When no changes have been made
the "save" functionality is 'disabled' whether accessed using the button or
the menus because it isn't needed. Obviously "save as" is available to allow
you to make a copy of the file with another name. I'm sure that would have
been the first thing you thought of but include it just in case.

If you have made changes but can still only use "save as" I would suggest
that points to a permissions problem which you suspected yourself. Have you
checked the permissions on the accounts database file?

I don't use GnuCash on Linux so don't know exactly what permissions you
would see but would think as an absolute minimum when logged on as the user
accessing GnuCash you would need "-rw-------" to allow that user to both
read and write to the file.

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