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I had not yet looked at the help file; I was working from the tutorial.
The chapter on migration in the tutorial is worthless.  You have helped
me a lot there.  I have also discovered that I was not as meticulous as
you when I first started using Quicken (12 years ago).  Therefore I have
a ton of entries in the unspecified account to reconcile.  Thanks to you
I have slowed down and studied the process.  What I will do is
export/import my checkbook one year at a time and then reconcile the
unspecified account with quicken.  When I get done, I should be able to
import the whole thing.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to mark this as solved.


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I'm not entirely sure about your questions... Chapter 3.3 of the Help
file discusses importing QIF files. Have you looked there? Personally, I
find the Tutorial to be a very useful document. The FAQ does offer some
info about importing QIF, but see below.

>From my original experience way back when, I found that if I had Quicken
export Transactions, Accounts and Categories for all my accounts, I
could then import this QIF file into Gnucash, and (for me, at least)
everything went flawlessly. All the transactions came in, complete with
Categories mapping to Gucash accounts. The FAQ tells you to create your
account structure in Gnucash first, but I found that Gnucash pulled in
my structure from the Quicken categories pretty well without my setting
up the accounts first. This may be a consequence of my exacting use of
Quicken--I was scrupulous in using and assigning my transactions to
categories in Quicken.

As for your question about hidden accounts, if you tell Quicken to
export them, then Gnucash should be able to import them (although I do
not know whether they will retain their hidden status).

Finally, I use OFX from my bank all the time quite successfully to
import ongoing transactions into Gnucash, so I know that OFX files can
work. My understanding of that standard, however, is that it only
addresses one account at a time. This would render it painful at best
for a full import process, IMHO.


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Subject: Documentation for Importation

Is there any documentation for importation of Quicken files?  I have
looked through the help files and I even bought a book.  I even tried
QFX files and that doesn't work at all.  When you export to a QIF file
are the quicken accts that are hidden included?  A step by step walk
through of exporting Quicken accounts would be nice.

Thank you for your time.


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