Returned customer check - can't charge invoice to bank account

Maf. King maf at
Tue Nov 27 07:39:15 EST 2012

On Sun 25 November 12 13:05:09 Frank Santoro wrote:
> Hello all,
> I recently deposited a customer's check and it was returned by the bank for
> insufficient funds. I found an October/November 2009 thread entitled
> "Returned Payment, Returned Deposit" in which Derek suggested generating a
> new invoice for the amount of the returned check and using the bank account
> as the "Income Account" on the invoice.  It makes sense from an accounting
> perspective; it would debit A/R and credit the bank account.
> However, like the user in the 2009 thread, I have not been able to select
> my bank account as the "income Account" on the invoice.  Is this a bug, or
> is there another way to process the bank's returning of the customer's
> checK/
> Regards,
> Frank

Hi Frank,

I'm in exactly this situation today, too.

I had entered the invoice, customer sent a cheque, I processed payment as 
normal.  Two days ago, my bank returned the customer's cheque unpaid.  I've 
just gone into the Bank account register and "voided" the payment transaction 
(Transaction Menu).

The ageing report for the customer now shows a payment of 0.00, and the totals 
all seem to work too.


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