Hotkeys and user interface

Algeorge agm.alistairgg at
Mon Sep 3 17:38:49 EDT 2012

>open a terminal and type:
>gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface can-change-accels true 

Hi Bob.
Thanks. I am only reporting from the viewpoint of a user who is not so
experienced to do that.
User interface is an important aspect of any program and part of the user
interface needs to be consideration for ease of use. To have to go elsewhere
to set up hotkeys etc for some is in the too hard basket, so they may use
GNUcash until the find other software which is easier. 

GNUcash is now a mature program, which could be the best with relatively
minor improvements.
It has superior reporting, printing. Skrooge has a weak printing interface
(basically prints from a screen dump). Because it uses KDE for Windows, the
program versions are out of step with each other such that your data file
from Linux, wont work with the data file from Windows. Each program has its
pros and cons. 
Kind regards,

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