Autofill (was Re: Hotkeys and user interface)

John Dablin jdablin at
Tue Sep 4 02:58:36 EDT 2012

On 03/09/12 22:55, Liz wrote:
>>> 3..Autofill works perfectly in Quicken and Skrooge, but there is an
>>> > >unexpected behaviour in GNUcash eg when remembered payee Countdown
>>> > >is typed thusly: Cou(at this point the rest of ntdown is filled
>>> > >in)ntdownnt   and I have continued typing, which appends nt.
>>> > >Something to do with the speed of autofill. The only method it
>>> > >seems, is to look at what we are typing, but when you are fast, you
>>> > >dont look at an entry as its being typed.
>> >
>> >Hmm. I haven't experienced that behavior at all. When I keep typing
>> >after the autofill, it switches to overtype mode and keeps filling
>> >in. Only typing a right-arrow key accepts the autofill as-is and
>> >leaves one in the Description field to accept more typing.
> This was known to me but has been addressed in an update. I think it is
> sorted out from 2.4.10 onwards.
> Could Algeorge advise version, OS etc?
I've seen this problem since upgrading Ubuntu from 11.10 to 12.04, which 
upgraded Gnucash to 2.4.10 (built from r21973). I wasn't sure whether it 
was a bug or a design change, and though it's a little annoying it 
hasn't irritated me enough to raise the question.

John Dablin
Aylesbury UK

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