Cash Flow analysis: implementation details

C. Andrews Lavarre alavarre at
Mon Jun 3 17:39:07 EDT 2013

As always, thank you for your service.

I need a month-by-month cash flow statement, with the ability to remove
certain accounts with one time events.

1. As present (GnuCash 2.4.13) you can specify a period for the report
and get a single  column report. I would like to have a multi-column
(month-by-month, similar to the budget report) presentation so that I
can zoom in more easily on the anomalies of where I went wrong. :-(

2. There are a number of accounts that are irrelevant: places where I
did one time things that I know I won't do again. I go to the report
settings, Ctrl-click various accounts to ensure they are included or not
included, but this action, other than coloring the selected ones
highlighted blue background and the deselected ones white background,
has no effect. The accounts are still included in the list of the
accounts being used for the report.

For example, I bought a new car, so the depreciation account has a huge
(non substantial) amount. I would like to deselect Depreciation and have
its big number not include in the tally.

3. In general, if a master account has not been expanded, its child
accounts are not selected. At least they are not set with a blue
background, even though I have clicked "Select Children" and then
"Select All"

So please tell me if (and how) my needs can be met with items in the
existing interface.

Yes, I know I can do a report separately for each month, and go through
the account list expanding and selecting all the accounts (since
deselecting them has no effect) but if there is a nicer way of doing
then this then I would be most grateful.

Thank you again for all your work.

Kind regards, Andy Lavarre
alavarre at

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