Selecting a Business/chart of Accounts when starting

Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at
Tue Jun 4 17:41:02 EDT 2013

John R. Sowden wrote:

> Instead of being locked into starting a 'default' accounts database, 
> can I open gc with no set of accounts, or a window listing the 
> existing ones with the 'new' option?  Then I can select the one that I 
> want.
> Is there a command line option?
> John

Also relatively easy to do (what I have always done)

Open for a new set of books the usual way and delete all accounts but 
Assets, Income, Expenses, Liabilities, and Equity  (in other words, keep 
just those top level accounts). But read on first (that was just the 

Now you can create the account tree (the chart of accounts) just the way 
you like. It's been so many years since I've seen the default set I 
can't remember what it contains. You might be able to, want to, be less 
aggressive deleting accounts. For example, default children likely to be 
under "assets" would be "current assets" and "fixed assets"; likely 
under "current assets" to be "checking account", "savings account", 
"undeposited cash" (might be called "wallet") and keep in mind that you 
can rename accounts instead of deleting them (so if it's "wallet" you 
just rename "undeposited cash", etc.).


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