Generating a Transaction or General Ledger Report

Theresa TRost at
Wed Jun 5 16:17:03 EDT 2013

I've tried and tried to generate a Transaction Report and a General Ledger
Report to no avail - usually just a report with 0.00 as the total.  Perhaps
someone can spot what I'm doing wrong.  Here's one scenario I've tried for
the Transaction Report:

I make sure I'm using the correct GnuCash file then I click on Report and
select Transaction Report. From there, I click the Options button and, in
each of the following tabs select the following:

1.  Accounts tab - Accounts - Select All; Show Hidden Accounts (no check);
Filter By - Clear All; Show Hidden Accounts (no check); Filter type - None;
Void Transactions: Both.

2.  Display tab - checked the following:  Date, Num, Description, Memo, Use
Full Account Name, Totals;  Amt: Single; Sign Reverses: Credit Accounts.

3.  General tab - Style Sheet: Easy; Start Date: May 1, 2012; End Date:
April 30, 2013; Style: Single; Common Currency: CAD; Table for Exporting (no

4.  Sorting tab - Primary key: Account Name; Primary subtotal (checked);
Primary sort order: Ascending; Secondary key: Register Order; Secondary
subtotal for date key: Monthly; Secondary sort order: Ascending.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

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"Theresa" <TRost at> writes:

> What do accountants mean by General Ledger Listing?  Do my accountants
> a report of some sort?

Probably either a full Transaction Report or a GL Report.

> Theresa R

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