adjusting journal entries

Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at
Thu Jun 6 16:29:12 EDT 2013

Rachel Gage wrote:

>How do I post an adjusting journal entry in Gnu Cash?
Nothing special needed (just like any other transaction).

In traditional (precomputer) pen and ink on paper bookkeeping 
transactions were first entered into the journal and then this 
transaction was posted into the ledger (with the journal entry marked 
"posted". Gnucash is autoposting, that error prone (miscopying or 
transposing digits) process automated for you but you work in reverse. 
You begin entering the transaction in any of the ledger accounts 
affected and that process lets you select the other account affected (or 
accounts if a split).

I believe what you mean by a "journal adjusting entry" is a transaction 
where there is no cash in or out. But it is still debits to one account 
(or accounts) and credits to another (or others). It's only by the 
purpose (making an adjustment) that there is a difference, not in what 
you have to do.


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