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>>  I other words, to enter this transaction I would open EITHER Chocolate
> Expense or Asset Chocolate Chunk and the only thing I would need to take
> care about is that gnucash tends to use labels other than debit and credit
> so you should be aware on what side of the ledger these ledger accounts
> live (whether they normally have a debit or a credit balance).
Sorry to go a little off topic from the original thread, but thought I
would point out that the use of the labels "debit" and "credit" is a
preference under Accounts -> Use Formal Accounting Labels.  I think it's
off by default on a new installation of GnuCash as a nod to non-accountants
(and perhaps Quicken and MM converts) trying to get up and running with a
minimum of confusion, but if you'd rather see the proper terms, the option
is there.

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