Stable Version 2.4.13 will not print on Windows 7

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Jun 12 10:32:57 EDT 2013


Lake Resident <lakeresident22 at> writes:

> Liz,
> Installing PDF Creator is an acceptable work-around to my printing
> problem.  Thanks for the tip. At least I can now select PDF Creator as the
> printer and then print the PDF report under Windows 7.
> Obviously, this printing issue is very difficult for the developers to
> resolve.  Hopefully, they will determine the root cause of not being able
> to print from GnuCash in Windows 7 and correct it in a future release.
> I really like GnuCash and resolving this printing problem would open it up
> to the very large audience of Windows users.

I'll just point out that just because you are having an issue does not
imply that EVERYONE is having the issue.  Windows is a fickle beast, and
your Windows is not the same as your neighbor's Windows; things that
don't work for you may work for her, and vice versa.  I know for certain
that there are many many happy Windows users of GnuCash.

We have had very few reports of this issue, but I cannot believe that
nobody else is running Windows 7 and trying to print, which means to me
that it is probably working for some people.

What kind of printer do you have?  There HAVE been issues with, IIRC,
some HP Printers where the drivers are....  problematic.  But iirc these
issues were not limited to Win7.

> Thanks again,
> Charles

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