budgets on income accounts

Oliver Kiddle okiddle at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jun 12 10:51:27 EDT 2013

When entering my budget, I'd like to be able to easily compare my income
against my outgoings. So I enter some suitable values in the budget for
the income accounts, e.g. 1000 for Income:Wages.
The "Budget Flow" report is adding these values to the budgets for other
accounts making the report meaningless unless the income budgets are
entered as negative numbers.

Other reports such as the "Budget Report" work best with positive
numbers when calculating the difference based on the actual and budgeted

Is this a bug in one or other report or have I misunderstood some aspect
of the budget reports?

Also, what is the difference between the "Budget Profit & Loss" and the
"Budget Income Statement" reports? They seem identical.


Oliver Kiddle

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