Simple Budgeting for Personal Finances with Gnucash

David Schmitt david_schmitt at
Thu Jun 13 08:25:47 EDT 2013

I've been using Gnucash (stand-alone, as-is) very successfully for the past couple years for budgeting my personal finances.  Since I know Gnucash budgeting has been a sore point for many people (including myself), I want to share my success with others.
I'll warn you - I'm accounting in a non-traditional way (replacing Income/Expense accounts with Equity accounts to create "virtual envelopes", ignoring the Gnucash budget module completely), but it works great for personal finances with minimal fuss.  This may not be a new approach (I'm not an accountant), but I've not seen it documented anywhere else.
I've begun documenting my approach on this website:  It's still very much a work in progress, but the Overview->Minimal menu option should give you Gnucash veterans a good feel for what I'm doing.
Constructive feedback is welcome!

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