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Thank you Derek. Doesn't matter to me, if it works, it works! :-)

Have a great afternoon!

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Hi April,

"April Hester" <info at> writes:

> Hello,
> How may I change the default settings for an invoice?  Below are my
> needs:
> 1.	I would like to eliminate the Action & Tax columns from an invoice
> entry.
> 2.	Change the default text of 'Extra Notes' on a printable invoice
> under the 'Display' tab.
> 3.	Change the checked default display columns on a printable invoice.
> Those are the only issue's I have with GnuCash. I really love the ease &
> simplicity.

IMHO the best way to accomplish what you want is to forego the "Print"
button from the invoices and instead just leave your set-up invoice
report tab open and just re-select the new invoices as you need to.

I.e., run the report.  Go into the Report Options and turn off the
Action and Tax columns, Change the text in the notes field, etc.  Then
on future runs you just need to go into the options and select a new
invoice to print.

Hope this helps, even if it's not exactly what you probably wanted to

> Thank you!

Good Luck,

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-derek, a fellow Georgian :)

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