Auto splitting for transactions?

Nico elhansa at
Fri Jun 14 12:45:30 EDT 2013

I'm looking gnucash and so far seems really great, congratulation to the

I saw there is a function for splitting transactions manually, but need to
know if some kind of "auto-splitting" could be accomplished. Ideally the
function I need is to have a special account type where I could set
percentages to different associated accounts, so when using this account
the ammount of the transaction would be split accross them. With an example.

-I have the a common Cash accounts, and three more accounts name A, B and C.
-I have a special account name Special, this account distribute it's
ammount 40% A, 40% B, 20% C.
-When doing a $100 deposit from Cash account to Special account, behind the
scenes what I'm really doing is to transferring $ 40 to A, $40 to B, and
$20 to C.

Hope my requirement is clear with this example :)

Kind regards!

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