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John Ralls jralls at
Tue Jun 18 10:37:50 EDT 2013

>>> I am a perspective customer. I have the following questions.
>>> 1. Can we use the software WITHOUT using the double-entry accounting feature? I don't understand it. I just want to be able to enter transactions in the register and download transactions.
>>> 2. Is there a weekly budget feature?
>>> 3. Can users split transactions?

Gnucash is Free software. We don't have customers, we have users.

No. Gnucash is built entirely around double-entry bookkeeping. We provide
a Concepts Guide (
to help you get started.

There is a budget feature which you can configure to any period you like.

Yes, any transaction may have any number of splits as long as it balances -- that is,
as long as the amounts added to accounts are equal to the amounts deducted
from others.

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John Ralls

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