Gnucash adding extra numbers onto mutliple currency transactions

JoeB jlboz at
Sun Jun 23 07:13:46 EDT 2013

I've looked for info on this, searched here and on the net, read the manual
and the tutorial. That said, I've only spent all week trying to get Gnucash
to work, so I am a beginner. 

My accounts are mainly in AU$ but I have several in GBP and a few other
currencies and there are many multiple currency transactions. I began with
Gnucash by transferring data as a QIF file for each account into Gnucash.
(Exported from Quicken with difficulty, because Quicken 2010 Australia does
not export data, which is why I want to use Gnucash.) I had some (that is, a
lot of) difficulty with the multiple currency entries and entering exchange
rates but thought I was making progress once I had corrected the exchange
rate for all the relevant entries. Then I read the Peter Selinger tutorial,
saw it made sense and changed preferences to use currency trading accounts.
I also installed Perl and checked that Gnucash started downloading currency
data as expected. At first sight things looked good. Then I used the 'check
and repair' function, which may or may not have had a bearing on what

I realised the balance sheet report had become mostly empty. I also noticed
that currency symbols had all changed: where there used to be $ or GBP there
is now 1$ and 1GBP, and so on. All my attempts to find out why and put
things back have failed. The trading accounts are unaffected. Even worse,
most transactions now include an extra 1 at the beginning, so for example an
entry that used to be GBP41.04 became 1GBP141.04. Many of the exchange rates
look nonsensical but trying to edit them only results in even more random 1
digits appearing. However, these extra digits are, it seems, ignored in
calculations, so perhaps it looks far worse than it is.

Is this any known bug or other problem? Is my file irreparably corrupted? 

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