General ledger presentation bug

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Tue Jun 25 10:17:42 EDT 2013

On 6/25/2013 8:20 AM, Michael Hendry wrote:
> On 25 Jun 2013, at 14:06, jcard21 xxxxxxx <jcard21+gnucash at> wrote:
>> On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 8:53 AM, emekadavid <odimegwudavid at> wrote:
>>> How does one make the general ledger present the double-entry accounting for
>>> compound transactions (called split transactions) in such a way that the
>>> corresponding account names are shown and not just the description, split
>>> transaction? See png file.
>>> <>
>> Try the Reports > General Journal , and see if that gives you what you want.
>> PS: It will be for your whole file.
> There is no Reports > General Journal option on my Mac version.
> What I do is open the General Journal, use View > Filter By to select the range of transactions I want, and then use Reports > Account Report.
> (By default, the General Journal shows only transactions in the last month, but you can Filter it and Sort it using the View menu, as above).
> Michael
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Do you have release 2.4.13 installed?  When I follow your procedure on
my Windows 7 machine (Actually I use Tools:General Ledger then run the
Account report)  I get the account names.  I know there is a problem
with seeing split details in other reports which I started to
investigate on June 14 but apparently I abandoned that investigation,
because I cannot find the bug report that I intended to make then.

David C

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