Archiving old transations

Ian K ik522000 at
Tue Jun 25 16:01:30 EDT 2013

FWIW I think Jonathan makes a very important point regarding speed decreasing
as the number of transactions increases. It's not just start-up time,
hitting the 'Save' button after inputting something gets slower too. I'm
generally in and out of GnuCash several times a day so the start-up is an
issue for me.
The knowledge that every transaction I input is making GnuCash a bit slower
makes me uneasy.
I could export the accounts and start with a fresh file, but that would be
quite a job. I'd have to input all the Opening Balance transactions, and
then there would be the question of what to do with investments.

I guess for me a neat archiving routine would allow me to select some
accounts, pick a date, then replace the transactions that are wholly
contained withing those selected accounts with a new opening balance
transaction. That way the issue of investment transactions would be avoided.
I won't go into more detail as this thread isn't about speccing the
functionality, it's more about whether anything needs to be done.
I think it does.

On another subject I thought that Jonathan's offer of $100 was very kind,
and took it to mean a contribution towards the GnuCash project if the work
was done. 

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