Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at
Sat Jun 29 06:38:37 EDT 2013

Maf. King wrote:

>You don't mention operating systems, but I could envisage that on a linux 
>system some cunning ssh tunnelling and x-session or VNC forwarding would allow 
>a remote person to edit a GC data file on your system.
This is indeed an operating system issue.

That should be more obvious if you changed the question around a little 
bit leaving out gnucash. In other words, how could this (other ) person 
access your computer from elsewhere? How could they open a file on your 
computer, write to it, etc.? How could YOU do that from some other 
remote location?

As indicated above, many of us have logged into systems remote from 
where we were (like in the middle of the night on standby, I could log 
into a mainframe session from home instead of getting dressed and 
driving to the corportate office). But that is in the realm of operating 
systems, remote terminal emulators, etc. and NOT the particular 
applications to be run once you have successfully logged in remotely. As 
Maf. King has pointed out, the various 'nix operating systems would 
support it but I haven't a clue how you would do this for an application 
running on a Windows machine. The OPERATING system must be able to 
support "simultaneous multiple users" (whether or not the application 
itself does, an entirely different question and NOT relevant in your 
case as you and this accounting type need not be able to access the 
gnucash data at the same time --- BUT not acceptable if this other 
person accessing your gnucash data meant that you couldn't at the same 
time use your computer for anything.


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