Gnucash / Finance::Quote cannot retrieve Spanish stocks and funds

Erik Colson eco at
Fri Dec 18 06:52:22 EST 2015

Jose Gómez <adler at> writes:

> The Barcelona (BC) stock exchange, and particularly this fund, uses the EUR
> currency. Note, however, my limited financial knowledge, so I cannot
> confirm if that is the case for all funds and stocks in that exchange.

OK. I'll hardcode the EUR for .BC extension. I guess people will
complain if that is wrong.

> What about other Spanish funds and stocks, such as ^IBEX and AENA.MC in the
> MCE exchange? I don't personally need them, but someone else may.

is ^IBEX an index ? Indexes don't have currencies and are usually
starting with a carret. If it is, I should not hardcode a currency for
an index.

I'll hardcode .MC as .BC to EUR.

erik colson

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