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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
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John Ralls <jralls at> writes:

> AQBanking is a separate library that maintains its own state. AFAIK it
> does not provide an interface for overriding that. Christian Stimming,
> who's the AQBanking expert, may pipe up to confirm or refute that.
> One reason we separate some preferences and the saved report
> customizations is that some users have more than one account file and
> want the preferences and reports to apply across files.
> I don't recall any "average users" complaining that their backups of
> *.gnucash weren't sufficient, though the reverse is common: Being
> unhappy that backing up their $HOME/.gnucash didn't save their
> accounting data. Similarly, while we sometimes get asked how to
> migrate preferences and saved report customizations to a new machine,
> we are asked far more often how to find the account file itself.
> Anyway, that's the history. We're not going to change that behavior in
> the current release branch, but if your suggestion sparks sufficient
> support on the user list then we might do it in the development
> release, particularly if someone steps up to write the changes.

Considering the saved accounts contain Account GUIDs, they really are
not useful across different data files.  It probably should be changed
to get stored into the Book data.

Similarly, there are arguments that many of the current preferences are
misplaced and should be recategorized.

So while it's true none of this should change in 2.6/maint, there are
certainly reasons we might want to change it going forward.  We HAVE had
discussions about it, but nobody has stepped up to go through each
preference and decide where it should live:

 * Per User (dconf)
 * Per DataFile (book kvp)
 * Per User Per DataFile (.gnucash/books)

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> John Ralls

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