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Thu Dec 31 12:17:21 EST 2015

John, your reply has provoked another thought.

I created a MySQL database for experimentation purposes on my own computer
even though I foresee use of MySQL on my hosting service as one big reason
for using MySQL which carries with it a reason for using GNUcash.

When I created the schema, for GNUcash, using phpMyAdmin on my own, xampp,
system it allows for specifying collation.  I opted for utf8_unicode_ci for
no particular reason other than believing (?) this to be fairly benign. 
When I go back and look at the DB created by GNUcash I notice that all of
the tables have latin1_swedish_ci as the collation.  There was never
anywhere for me to specify a preferred collation within GNUcash. 
Furthermore, I also notice that the phpMyAdmin on my hosting service
indicates that the server connection is using utf8_general_ci.  What is the
rationale for GNUcash to use latin1_swedish_ci?  Is this universal or do I
just need to know how to manipulate the setting?  Possibly you know, better
than I, why this either may or may not matter.

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